217 S Main Street, Beaver Dam, Kentucky 42320

NOTICE: Traffic in Beaver Dam by the Beaver Dam Amphitheater can get busier at times of the major events. We typically recommend allowing extra time to arrive, park and walk to the venues entrance.

Many guests prefer to use rideshare services to reach the venue so they can avoid the hassle of finding parking spots or driving past guests after the show. However, if you prefer to drive in, then here’s the info you need.

You can find Beaver Dam Amphitheater located at 217 South Main Street, Beaver Dam, KY, United States. Your favorite GPS device or app or map making software can get you up to date information and directions, including any closures or delays that may be going on especially if you approach via busier major roads.

We recommend that you arrive no later than a hour before the show so you have plenty of time to get past security, find your seats, and avoid delays from long lines during major concerts, festivals, or events.

Parking Lots

There are several parking lots within a short walking distance from the venue, including a small lot alongside N Broadway street. The parking available near the Beaver Dam Baptist church has the most available spaces, but it fills up quickly during festivals and holidays.

The second largest lot close to the venue can be found near the Beaver Dam Building Supply store alongside Main street. The rest of the available parking can be found off and around the corner of W 1st street and Main street.

We recommend bringing both cash and credit when you’re on your way. Some parking lots may not be free and payment options may vary.