KC and The Sunshine Band at Beaver Dam Amphitheater

KC and The Sunshine Band Tickets

Beaver Dam Amphitheater | Beaver Dam, Kentucky

Brace yourselves, disco lovers! KC and The Sunshine Band are hitting the stage and you're in for an electrifying night of heart-pounding beats and dazzling performances. Get ready to groove!

KC and The Sunshine Band are bringing their latest concert tour to the Beaver Dam Amphitheater stage on Saturday 10th June 2023. This marks your one opportunity to see KC and The Sunshine Band live in Beaver Dam, Kentucky this June in what critics are calling the premier show of 2023

This performance follows their most recent album, and their hottest tracks are sure to be played! So, if you get your tickets now through this site, you could have first choice for the best seats in the house to see this unbelievable performer. So what are you waiting for? Click the Buy Tickets button below while supplies last!

KC and The Sunshine Band at Beaver Dam Amphitheater

Bursting with vibrant energy, KC and The Sunshine Band are masters of fun and funk. "That's the way," they'll sing, and you'll find yourself entranced, moving to the irresistible rhythm. Dance like nobody's watching!

Remember their iconic hits? "Get Down Tonight," "Boogie Shoes," "Shake Your Booty" – tunes that defined an era, bringing joy and unity to dance floors everywhere. Now, it's your turn to experience the magic. Feel the beat!

KC and The Sunshine Band are not just Grammy-winning artists, they're architects of emotions, curating an atmosphere of pure joy and nostalgia. Their pulsating disco beats will light up your night, leaving you begging for more. It's a musical rollercoaster!

Don't just hear the music, feel it! As KC's infectious vocals fill the venue, you'll find yourself lost in a whirlwind of excitement and nostalgia. It's more than a concert; it's a trip back in time, filled with technicolor memories and irresistible dance moves. It's a celebration!

The biggest pop music shows deserve nothing but the ultimate music halls in the country, and Beaver Dam Amphitheater can certainly deliver that. Not only it offers a kind staff that will welcome you warmly the moment you enter the front door. And to go the extra mile in delivering nothing but the best for the visitors, you will also find there a rich and welcoming atmosphere that guarantees your full relaxation. You’ll be impressed with the clean facilities as well as the on-site bar that will keep you refreshed throughout the event. And if you you demand even more reasons to visit this great venue, every seat is both comfortable and specifically designed to guarantee clear sightlines to the whole action on the stage.

So come and see for yourself one of the finest concert halls in Beaver Dam, Kentucky. – you will thank yourself later.

KC and The Sunshine Band at Beaver Dam Amphitheater

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